The forum leakage project! (New experimental reading samples)

The purpose of our reading samples section is to show off what we’ve got.

What we’ve done so far, is to pick a story or an excerpt, and clean it up so that it is suitable for general consumption. (Getting a little ahead of ourselves, the material going through such “proper cleanup” will most likely end up in our upcoming short story collections.)

In the meantime, there is a rich trove of material that hasn’t normally been exposed to the public viewing (or – sometimes – even daylight). Namely, the roleplay-writings of our forum’s “inner compound”. We’ve decided to change that, and will begin featuring the various entries from different eras and different collaborators. We won’t fully edit these “leaked from the forums” reading bits, although we shall tidy up some spelling & grammar, make some cuts for clarity, and occasionally amend names and vocabulary to fit the longer-running story-threads.

We shall kick off with the roleplay thread called Deja Vu that twists together some older and newer settings and characters, and adds an important dimension to our growing story-verse.

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