Updates from the Writer’s Corner: September 2017

Now that “Seeker” is out, we’re channelling some energy into the promo work, mostly on Twitter. We’re also sharing the best of behind-the-scenes snippets. You can view them all here.



On the writing front, we’ve began work on several short stories, selecting viable candidates from among the many drafts, assessing the amount of refinement needed, and doing the edits co-op style. We’re also recording some of that work; you can view the short-story progress here.



Meanwhile, back in Hawaii, work continues on Dysmaton. With the prototype done, we’re no longer actively taking part in the writing, but we do occasionally chip in with random ideas, and cheer along to the creative-process livestreams. Check the demo/prototype at indieDB, and the livestreams on Chris’ Youtube channel. You might also want to grab a copy of Neofeud which is now out on Steam.

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