‘Seeker’ – Available Now!

ChaosNova is proud to present ‘Seeker’, the latest story set in our fictional universe.

Jewel Harper, a junior specialist in a successful bounty-hunter group, returns from a routine mission only to find a new contract already prepared – a private contract to rescue a brother she didn’t know she had. The mission takes Jewel to a few different homeworlds — and into some trouble. She will learn that pretty much everybody knows more about her family than she does.

This is a stand-alone story set in the ChaosNova universe. Humans have spread to new homeworlds in a “goldilocks cluster” somewhere in the Galaxy, where the many homeworlds harbour several dominant civilizations as well as various local cultures, ancient and new. This story-verse, borne of forum-based roleplay and collaboration between several authors, holds many more characters and adventures, with varying degrees of connection to the central arc. Some of those stories are being written now, many are yet to be told.

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We’d like to thank everybody who helped with this project, your support has been amazing and I can’t wait to share more awesome stories with you in the future.

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You can also find the ChaosNova WritingCorner here! where you can watch many in-depth discussions and snippets of our work on Seeker.

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