Updates from the Writer’s Corner: February

Times have been very busy since the January update. We are still working on the last two chapters of “Seeker” (at once).

The trouble with in-depth creative process, whether alone or in tandem or in group, is that it so often remains intangible and behind the scenes. We decided to turn the tide on that, and set up a YouTube account specifically intended to share the writing-related content. The new channel is called ChaosNova Writing Corner, and can be found here. (Meanwhile the personal channels with the occasional let’s-plays, vlogs, and other adventures show up under ‘Featured Channels’.)

We’re starting off with an afternoon of shorter talks that lead up to one major discussion. The episodes in (mostly) chronological order: #1 – General state of creative front Feb 2017; #2 – What’s a Seeker?; #3 – Jewel Harper, the protagonist; #4 – Writing Jewel; #4.5 – Intermission/ segue/ tech rant; #5 – Ten basic worldbuilding assumptions in ChaosNova universe.

The Writing Corner channel also has its own Twitter-appendix. (At the moment Lore, The Editor, is managing them both.)

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