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October 2, 2017

The purpose of our reading samples section is to show off what we’ve got.

What we’ve done so far, is to pick a story or an excerpt, and clean it up so that it is suitable for general consumption. (Getting a little ahead of ourselves, the material going through such “proper cleanup” will most likely end up in our upcoming short story collections.)

In the meantime, there is a rich trove of material that hasn’t normally been exposed to the public viewing (or – sometimes – even daylight). Namely, the roleplay-writings of our forum’s “inner compound”. We’ve decided to change that, and will begin featuring the various entries from different eras and different collaborators. We won’t fully edit these “leaked from the forums” reading bits, although we shall tidy up some spelling & grammar, make some cuts for clarity, and occasionally amend names and vocabulary to fit the longer-running story-threads.

We shall kick off with the roleplay thread called Deja Vu that twists together some older and newer settings and characters, and adds an important dimension to our growing story-verse.


September 25, 2017

Now that “Seeker” is out, we’re channelling some energy into the promo work, mostly on Twitter. We’re also sharing the best of behind-the-scenes snippets. You can view them all here.



On the writing front, we’ve began work on several short stories, selecting viable candidates from among the many drafts, assessing the amount of refinement needed, and doing the edits co-op style. We’re also recording some of that work; you can view the short-story progress here.



Meanwhile, back in Hawaii, work continues on Dysmaton. With the prototype done, we’re no longer actively taking part in the writing, but we do occasionally chip in with random ideas, and cheer along to the creative-process livestreams. Check the demo/prototype at indieDB, and the livestreams on Chris’ Youtube channel. You might also want to grab a copy of Neofeud which is now out on Steam.

August 12, 2017

ChaosNova is proud to present ‘Seeker’, the latest story set in our fictional universe.

Jewel Harper, a junior specialist in a successful bounty-hunter group, returns from a routine mission only to find a new contract already prepared – a private contract to rescue a brother she didn’t know she had. The mission takes Jewel to a few different homeworlds — and into some trouble. She will learn that pretty much everybody knows more about her family than she does.

This is a stand-alone story set in the ChaosNova universe. Humans have spread to new homeworlds in a “goldilocks cluster” somewhere in the Galaxy, where the many homeworlds harbour several dominant civilizations as well as various local cultures, ancient and new. This story-verse, borne of forum-based roleplay and collaboration between several authors, holds many more characters and adventures, with varying degrees of connection to the central arc. Some of those stories are being written now, many are yet to be told.

Check out ‘Seeker’ on Amazon and help us spread the word!

We’d like to thank everybody who helped with this project, your support has been amazing and I can’t wait to share more awesome stories with you in the future.

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You can also find the ChaosNova WritingCorner here! where you can watch many in-depth discussions and snippets of our work on Seeker.

We have some catching up to do before we can tackle the recent news. We have recorded many sessions of the Seeker editing process, and shared them in bite-size outtakes. Here is the whole playlist: http://bit.ly/2fA0ONG

In the middle of all that, we managed to sneak in a brief Writers’ Corner Discussion: http://bit.ly/2w0cmzS

We helped to make a game prototype! The game in development is now called Dysmaton, and it was inspired by a short story that Knux posted in the forums.

Read more about Dysmaton at the Silver Spook Games site: http://silverspookgames.blogspot.co.uk/p/forgotten-city.html

Stay tuned for the main news in the next post!