Our little corner of unpredictability

David Noe

Co-founder of ChaosNova creative group and universe, Author

Back in the early 2000's, David and Kieyotie were part of a Sci-Fi roleplay forum. After some disagreements with the way the site was run, David set up SerenityRP for the pair to continue telling their stories unhindered. Eventually, after deciding they wanted their own universe, it grew into Space Chaos, before finally becoming the Chaos Nova of today. The pair are also the founding members of the Troubled Core Publishing House, based on the names of both of the original characters. Corey Henderson being David's, and Trouble McDermott being Kieyotie's.

Kieyotie McDermott

Co-founder of ChaosNova creative group and universe, Author, Friendly neighbourhood GM

Kieyotie is one of the founding members of Chaos Nova's original writing team alongside David. Years ago, McDermott was responsible for keeping the rest of the team on track and ensuring that the stories maintained an interesting and enjoyable storyline while keeping the universe plausible. Now-a-days, Kieyotie keeps a close eye on the emerging Fantasy section of the Chaos Nova Forum and acts as dungeon master, still fulfilling his seeming role as the quiet guardian that keeps everyone else on track. Kieyotie co-founded The Troubled Core Publishing House alongside David and is always working on his version of the stories in preperation for release.

Kayleigh Marchant

Author, Editor, Design & art-support, Web consultant

A close friend of David's, Kayleigh has been the driving force behind the illustrations and copy-edits of both Split Personality and Shell-Shock. Originally asked to work on a Chaos Nova themed cook-book, Kayleigh is an avid chef with an incredible flair for creation and an eye for detail. It is a small wonder how Chaos Nova functioned prior to her joining the team, elevating us from a simple forum with lots of ideas, into a focused, well-oiled publishing machine. Kayleigh is one of the most important, and well respected members of the team, it is an absolute pleasure to work alongside her.

Drew Eckhardt

Author, Worldbuilder, Armour and ship tech consultant

Originally a leading member of a fellow Sci-Fi based forum, Drew gave Chaos Nova a chance during it's transition period and eventually became one of the key players in the Chaos Nova universe. Drew was responsible for the first story-based post on the re-born forum and now it would be impossible to imagine a Universe without him. An avid creator and good friend to everyone in the Chaos Nova team.

Laura Loolaid

Co-author, Whip-wielding editor, Worldbuilder & Creative consultant

Laura is the latest addition to the Chaos Nova team. A very capable copy-editor and the closest the team have to an authority on science and plausability ensuring that the stories stay believable but still enjoyable for the reader. Occasionally, Laura writes for the character 'Smith' on the forums and has become a valuable member of the team.