Space. Chaos. Stories.

ChaosNova is a fictional universe fuelled by collaborative storytelling and roleplay. 
Our moderately pulpy space adventures take place in the far future, in a cluster of new human homeworlds somewhere in our galaxy. There might also be some twisted space-time manipulations at play.
Our book section features the released stories in ChaosNova universe. For the raw and less-edited experience, take a peek into the [STORYTIME] log entries.
The forums provide a space for story-collaboration, worldbuilding discussions, catching up with friends, and bringing in new allies.

This is the channel where we upload footage of our work sessions and the general creative talks.
The eclectic worldbuilding inspiration boards and image quotes from our stories.
Daily promo bits, socializing with fellow authors, sometimes silliness. Administered by Ze Editor.
  1. ChaosNova drawing board
  2. We're cleaning up some raw forum-based RPG text into reading samples. Read more here:
    Forum Leakage Project (ChaosNova writing sessions)
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  4. Worksessions: ChaosNova short stories
  5. Chaos Nova Spayce Adventure Mixtape
  6. "Seeker" behind the scenes: editing & discussion snippets
  7. ChaosNova Writing Corner chats
  8. Writing corner in the woods (Kiidjärve 2015)
  9. Chaos Nova Story Marathon 2016