Our little corner of unpredictability
May 31, 2017

We’re plotting to add a batch of new reading samples soon, namely, we’re planning to “leak” some unedited forum materials into the samples section. Stay tuned, and watch us discussing this matter.

We’ve teamed up with Christian from Silver Spook Games to develop a playable demo/prototype loosely based on Knux’s experimental short story “Forgotten City” (the further, more optimistic goal being “prototype and beyond!”). Check out the announcement and early materials over at the Adventure Games Studio forums. While we work on this, go play Chris’ first game “Neofeud”!

Also, check out the co-op livestream (featuring Lore) where we discuss some aspects of development and worldbuilding.

Work continues on Seeker: we’re working on the clean text of three final chapters; then it’s time to to use some of the feedback we’ve received from early-access readers, and then it’s proofreading-ahoy. We’ve been recording the clean-up process, and releasing the relatively spoiler-free bits of that footage at the ChaosNova WritingCorner youtube channel and Twitter feed. You can find all the snippets in chronological order in this playlist.

April 22, 2017

The funny thing about site updates is, someone has to write them. We, in the meantime, have been busy writing everything else! To date we’ve put 50 behind-the-scene snippets of co-op “Seeker” editing to youtube, and maintained a steady output of daily tweets. The video on top shows us busy not starving, while trying to provide entertaining updates.
What else…

Laura: I’ve been ironing out the Seeker chapters for early-release reading and proofreading, and hit an extra challenge: chapters 5 and 6 that required so little intervention for the ‘part1’ release, no longer worked within the new, overhauled story. In short, I’ve deconstructed them completely, and have been rewriting them from ground up. At least there’s hope – I’ve fought my way to the last scene of chapter 6. And soon it is time to begin addressing the early-reader feedback we’ve gotten.

David: I have recently completed the first draft of Split Personality 2, after several ‘False starts’ (6 or 7!). And just like Seeker, the final chapters won’t be written for a while yet. Once that was done, I think I caught the writing bug, because I went on to complete the first draft of Kymberland’s Duty, a short story, and I began work on another, ‘Shadow Station’ currently a working title.
I also went through my Drive and dug out a few old stories. They’ve now been posted to the forum, and may one day make it into the short story compilation. The Drive also contained a myriad of broken notes and no-longer-relevant ideas which I’m working to correct.
All in all, a busy few weeks!

February 21, 2017

Times have been very busy since the January update. We are still working on the last two chapters of “Seeker” (at once).

The trouble with in-depth creative process, whether alone or in tandem or in group, is that it so often remains intangible and behind the scenes. We decided to turn the tide on that, and set up a YouTube account specifically intended to share the writing-related content. The new channel is called ChaosNova Writing Corner, and can be found here. (Meanwhile the personal channels with the occasional let’s-plays, vlogs, and other adventures show up under ‘Featured Channels’.)

We’re starting off with an afternoon of shorter talks that lead up to one major discussion. The episodes in (mostly) chronological order: #1 – General state of creative front Feb 2017; #2 – What’s a Seeker?; #3 – Jewel Harper, the protagonist; #4 – Writing Jewel; #4.5 – Intermission/ segue/ tech rant; #5 – Ten basic worldbuilding assumptions in ChaosNova universe.

The Writing Corner channel also has its own Twitter-appendix. (At the moment Lore, The Editor, is managing them both.)